DOA Won’t Win Awards

I probably shouldn’t have to tell you that this is a bad movie. The devon aoki doapremise is that several hot female fighters, who spend most of their time in bikinis or underwear, enter into a fighting tournament called Dead or Alive. There is an Assassin, a Ninja Princess (which I guess is different than an assassin), a ninja assassin in pursuit of the ninja princess, a female wrestler (and her father), and a roller-blading girl.

The tournament is a confusing, derivative version of Enter the Dragon, headed by Eric Roberts who is also the not-so-secret bad guy.

There are a couple minor sub-plots, and a little bit of character conflict, but nothing that has any impact on the viewer.

Much of the acting is flat. Frankly, I don’t think Eric Roberts bothered to brush his hair for this movie. The movie opens with an apparently bored Devon Aoki trying to pass herself as the Ninja Princess.

There are a couple exceptions. Jaime Pressly has actual talent, and brings some of it to her role. Her character is interesting, especially when interacting with her pro-wrestling father.

Holly ValanceĀ also has pretty good on-screen presence, though the role she is given is pretty weak. Her intro scene is worth watching, however. Kind of a parody of the standard “throw the gun in the air, knock a bunch of people around, then catch it” trope, she throws gun and bra into the air. Impressively, the scene is choreographed well enough to maintain a PG-13 rating.

After that, though, this is not a movie to be enjoyed for the story, acting, or character. I give it one star–only because I would love to see a real movie with Jaime Pressly’s character.

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