Pretty Good for What it Is

DOA: Dead of Alive is a Hong Kong style martial arts movie. You might also describe it as a video-game movie. Either way, it isn’t as bad as all those user-reviews might have you believe.

The bar is pretty low for video-game movies, of course. This one at holly doing volleyballleast conveys the general feel and structure of the game it is based on. DOA, the video game is a fighter, like Mortal Kombat or Streetfighter. It has a bunch of characters you can choose, several of which are bikini-clad women. There is also, inexplicably, a volleyball mini-game. The movie gets this pretty well, and still is not near as bad as a Uwe Boll picture.

The Hong Kong style martial arts movies are full of highly choreographed fight scenes involving fast action and impossible stunts. The best of them are almost balletic with crazy violence. This movie is helmed by one of the top action choreographers from the Hong Kong school, and while he may not be a particularly good director, the fight scenes are still a lot of fun. The action often makes no sense, but it is visually interesting as well.

fight in the waterSince the movie promises the cheesy fun of hot women in bikinis fighting each other as well as bad guys, we have to rate it on this measure as well. Obviously, it delivers–in a PG-13 way.

Overall, I give it a solid three stars as a genre movie. If I was just rating it as a martial arts movie, it would probably be lower, but the movie does a good job of delivering on the other promises. So three stars it is.

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