The Good Badness of Planet of the Apes

Not everyone can take this movie on its own terms. You have people who can’t talk running from apes riding horses. It’s not for everyone. But anyone should be able to enjoy the over-the-top scenery chewing goodness of Charlton Heston.

If you want to pick apart the plot, there’s also this glaring hole: how does a ship launched into a long journey into deep space accidentally land back on Earth? What are the odds of that? Also, what kind of rigid, stereotypical society have these apes created, anyway? And why is it always the woman who is secretly sympathetic? The action towards the end does feel contrived, and you can laugh at the shallow philosophical conclusion that is the supposed denouement.

I felt all these flaws, but my sense of enjoyment was high enough that I could forgive them as I went along. If you want to laugh at them instead, you can still enjoy this with a solid 2.5 stars.

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