Does a Huge Successful Blockbuster Have Enough Badness to Make it Enjoyable?

Even if you hate the movie?

Though I gave this movie low marks within the science fiction genre, it’s kind of hard to call it a bad movie. Many people love it, and it did get three Academy Awards. But let’s just say you are watching it and have gotten past the visual dazzle and engaging action to the point where you are trying to experience the story and understand the characters.

At this point you are realizing that the story is ludicrous and the characters are flat. What is there left to keep you going?

avatar_wallpaper-376080A lot, really. Michelle Rodriguez is always right on the line between funny and badass. Here she moves back and forth in a way that you can both laugh at and enjoy. And, of course, there’s Stephen Lang as The Colonel. When nothing else makes sense, his intensity is compelling. You can hate him, all his decisions, and the way he drives an ever-increasing cascade of badness. Like many a bad movie, there is still a huge payoff when the bad guy gets his due.

Then there is the clock in the final battle scene. Good, bad, or indifferent, you will be on the edge of your seat until the end. So there’s that.

Though this is technically not a bad movie, I still give it three stars because if, like me, you are not enjoying it as a film, you can still enjoy watching it.

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